About Us


The Founder

Anchor'd Inc was born from the passion of one woman and her efforts to end the injustices of human trafficking all around the world. 

"As a sexual abuse survivor, I simply could not imagine a young girl or boy, man or woman having to endure that type of trauma 50-60 times a day without someone stepping in to rescue them. I know what it feels like to have no one come to your rescue. I wanted to let every victim know, I see you, I will fight for you, I won't stop until you are free!" 

-Owner and Founder, Shabranae Patton 

As modern day freedom fighters, our goal is to create Fashion for the Purpose of Freedom. We strive to provide quality, fashionable, apparel and accessories that represent the beauty of those who have been forgotten.

Currently there are an estimated 40+ million victims who are trapped in modern day slavery, and only 1% of those are expected to be rescued. We can change this, together we can abolish trafficking in the 21st century!

We are proud supporters of local, national, and global organizations that aid in the search & rescue, rehabilitation, and advancement of victims and survivors of human trafficking. These organizations provide many services including:

Search and Rescue


Counseling Services

Medical Services

Educational Advancement

Job Placement

And more...

 Anchor'd Inc donates a portion of ALL SALES  to these organizations in grant funding, to aid in the fight against modern day slavery. Each time you purchase from Anchor’d Inc we are able to put together care packages for survivors to aid in their restoration process. 

Join us as we stand and fight on behalf of those who can not speak/fight for themselves. It is for them that we fight, and it is for them that we won't give up. We are forever Anchor'd to the cause of ending human trafficking.